In just one year of the foundation, we have managed to introduce art into the lives of 3000 plus children from underprivileged backgrounds. Imagine the possibilities if more of us came forward to propagate a love for art. Especially among young impressionable minds of children, naturally inclined towards art, but stifled due to their circumstances.

We believe the value of art in all its many forms, is priceless and should be available to everyone. How drab our world would be without art. It is our intention to try and prevent any potential artist slip through the cracks; by providing scholarships, bursaries, classes and other community activities that showcase emerging art and artists. Most importantly, encouragement. Recognition has been found to be one of the most effective forms of encouragement.  

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From me, why Art?

For what is Art?

From what specific man’s land, or hand,

Like grains of sand, and by whose command?

Do by which we start to make art?

But by a deep yearning,

Innate from birth, part of our chosen worth,

Colours, splashing from our quiver; brings mirth,

Or sadness, like air in our lungs burning,

This pressing need to breathe art into life,

And like air, to placate and to sate,

A need to create so great it must negate,

All sense, be it successful or in strife.

Crossing all boarders and cultures,

Except for the sound of words, to herds,

Sung in different meadows, by multi coloured birds,

Not for the closed minded or business vultures.

Escaping in the very fulfilment,

Not ever contrived, but truly derived,

From one’s own birth wheel, one must abide,

Deep from within your own blue print.

And from this constant dabbling,

Comes painter, poet, weaver, scribe,

For we must dance and sing; on drums imbibe,

While our earth- bound self is scrambling,

Through this all – consuming, material plain,

We rebuild beauty and grace, and so embrace,

The universal lace, that pieces all together, and trace

The threads of life’s tapestry and paradise sustain.

Then as we ink a mandala, taking many years,

Or weave rainbows through a stormy night,

Recreate a pristine forest in oils or mosaics bright,

Hearts bursting; we are reduced to tears.

To have captured and tasted,

The mastery through tweaking and seeking,

The beauty through our own selves seeping,

No effort or talent wasted.

To our gifts we are born,

But an artist must persist to bring truth home,

To do less cheats their true self’s inner poem,

Though some may lift them up; others still scorn,

But like a fledgling learning to walk,

In the arms of practiced and seasoned eye,

Watching as your talents touch the sky,

Though many appreciate, others still mock,

Care not gentle artist,

We have math, science, and soon flying cars,

We have logic that will soon land us on mars,

But from your hand, lips or vision, for one moment,

…………………………………by the Divine, we are kissed,

and paradise is not lost.

S. M. Lygo

January 7, 2017/ copy right/ all rights reserved