Legacy of J. Vasanthan

The JV foundation began on March 14, 2014, and serves as the legacy of Professor J. Vasanthan. He is a cultural icon famous for being a storyteller, a dramatist, a teacher in addition to being a prolific and diverse artist from Madurai, India. His works spanned a multitude of styles and mediums. J.V. was equally proficient with water colour, oils, or poster colour, as with pen and ink, collage or Indian ink. It was exciting to discover, his range spanned everything from portraits, landscapes, nudes and animal studies to religious iconography, folk, caricatures, cartoons, illustrations and much more.

After his passing on January 4, 2014, his family was surprised to discover some 2500 pieces of exquisite art works, portraying every kind of theme from the daring and bold, to sensitive subject matter, in various mediums and styles. Many of these works had never been viewed by the public.

Although most of his original works are not for sale, the founders and trustees, have had limited edition canvas prints made available for purchase. The foundation conducts exhibitions of his body of work, as well as showcasing the works of emerging artists.

The first purpose of these events and sales is to raise funds, scholarships, and awareness for new talent in the art world. Secondly, it is to raise appreciation and awareness of the arts in children. Thirdly, to share the art and culture of Madurai, India; the residence and domicile of this amazing artist for most of his life.

The J. Vasanthan Art Foundation is a registered trust under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. Please visit the website for a list of city-wide events for times and dates as well as inquiries in regard to participating as an artist, fundraising or attendance.  


To perpetuate the legacy of Professor J. Vasanthan while providing a platform for emerging artists and raising awareness of art in children and an appreciation of the art and culture in South India.